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Students. Teachers. Classrooms.
Shannon Smith, Detroit Public Schools graduate, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor graduate, community advocate and experienced financial professional is bringing his experience and forward thinking to the Detroit Public Schools Community District Board. 
Shannon Smith is running to take on the structural issues facing the school district. Shannon is ready to make an immediate impact on the board by combining fresh perspectives, with a strong background in economics and government relations as well as a track record of collaboration and results.
Immediately after graduating from the University of Michigan, Shannon returned to Detroit to begin serving the city and supporting its revitalization efforts. Working with stakeholders from non-profit, government and corporate sectors, it became clear that all roads lead to education when we think about sustaining the growth and excitement surrounding Detroit's comeback.  
Shannon Smith is running for the Detroit Public Schools Community District Board because every child in Detroit should have the ability to create their own world, their own opportunities, and ultimately their own success story. Every child should know their worth, their potential, and their value. Every child should have more advocates like my mother, more teachers like Mrs. Lamb, my social studies teacher, and more programs like the Academy of Finance that encouraged my growth outside the classroom.
Every child should know that they matter. All Detroit kids should know that they matter. As a lifelong Detroit kid, Shannon is committed to ensuring that all 40,000+ of our public school children have the necessary educational tools to realize their greatness, capability, and ultimately power. 
 Join Shannon on this journey to improve our education system in Detroit.



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