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Capacity & Collaboration

We need to increase the capacity of Detroit Public Schools Community School District and make certain that each Detroit school has an effective number of teachers, counselors, and other essentials which can support the whole student. It is imperative that we increase this capacity — as it will improve quality throughout the district, as well as our ability to effectively allocate resources such as teaching personnel and student curriculum.

In order to increase this capacity, we must collaborate with stakeholders at both the local and state level and ensure that all parties are rooted in the framework that kids come first. As stakeholders, it is our responsibility to clearly communicate our education goals, priorities, and outcomes to each other and guarantee that we are all working towards corresponding objectives.

  • Explore public-private partnerships to create pooled funding that will address the gaps between Detroit average teacher salaries and regional averages. 
  • Support implementation of world class curriculum that prepares students for post secondary careers. 

Fiscal Responsibility

To address the critical financial deficits within our school system, we must provide increased funding for teachers, students, and also for facilities. We must strategically manage our budget and ensure that each dollar spent will prioritize Detroit students of today and tomorrow — and guarantee that they have the tools to learn in a well-resourced and safe environment. 

I will advocate for the following:

  • Increased per-pupil funding to invest in quality education. 
  • Increased teacher salaries to compete with regional/national averages to attract top talent.
  • Increased budget to improve facilities. 


We must ensure that our school system is accessible to the varying needs of both students and parents. Specifically, we need to fully support students, catering to their diverse needs — as learners and contributing members of society — and foster an inclusive environment for students of all abilities and exceptionalities. Additionally, we need to support parents of all backgrounds and assist them in advocating for their child and navigating the many intricacies of the school system.

  • Advocate for career pathway opportunities for all students.
  • Enhance communication within the system, language accessibility must be a priority for students and parents. 
  • Collaboratively address transportation barriers many students and families face. 

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